Paral-lel, from the university to Milano Design Week

Paral-lel  is an annual project organized by the design students of the School of Design Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. . In this edition we can see a series of proposals for shelves and hangers for the habitat, where the predominant material is wood. The products can be seen from April 17 to 22 in the Ventura Future room, during Milano Design Week.


The collection consists of eleven hanging products, five shelf proposals and a proposal that covers both needs.

Under the motto Design Editors. Students exhibit a new way of understanding design, and the role that the designer has in all phases of the project


LEAF is a family composed of three shelves inspired by the Mediterranean. Designed by María Beltrán and Eva Giral. The elements of the collection have very different aesthetics among them. So they can work individually. However, its meaning comes when placing the family together creates the shape of a half leaf, a symbol highly characteristic of the Mediterranean.


Alas is a series of wall shelves developed by Carmen Mullor and Víctor Caballero. Made in wood, the inspiration comes from the drawings made by children when they try to represent a bird. Alas transmits the simplicity and lightness of these drawings. In this way, a unique, solid and elegant piece is created.


Double, by Josep Pedro is a design that evolves from joining two superimposed shelves. A product that generates high contrasts through the use of different finishes.Where the lower shelf has the shape of a rectangular bowl with a recess that allows the storage of elements of continuous use (keys, telephone, etc.) in its lower part. On the other hand, in the upper shelf, the user can deposit objects that will last a longer time on the shelf.


Fiction by Helena Armeno offers a new perspective of shelves inspired by the Mediterranean. Its geometry with triangular plant causes a shadow when light falls on them. Its volume seems to be floating and generates a great versatile decorative piece in different environments.


Waves is the name given to the product designed by Laura Andrés. A shelf inspired by the movement of the sea with which it intends to pay homage to the Mediterranean Sea. A design with high minimalist influences where its shape consists of the combination of straight lines and curves.


Bosque is the multifunctional proposal of Francesco Barbieri and Paola Zagarella. Forest is the multifunctional proposal of Francesco Barbieri and Paola Zagarella. In this way the user can store different products. A simple design, and open to different needs and solutions.