Dynamism. Photography and website of Paul Jung

Studio 24-24 is an independent art direction studio based in Berlin. The two French founders; Antonie Enault and Ondine Vermenot develop ideas for both printed and digital supports. The studio, has designed the new website for the New York based photographer Paul Jung.

Their projects reflect the contemporary aesthetics: experimenting with organic shapes, textures, variable compositions, contrast between elements and a clear online/digital appearance.

Jung, was born in Taiwan, grew up in Australia, based in New York and also has worked in Milan Beijing and Shanghai. His pictures can be described as a mixture of an abstract visual manipulation and the simplicity of the traditional craft.

Studio 24/24 has captured the essence and the intrinsic message in Paul Jung’s photography to create a simple, fresh and consistent concept for his portfolio

He discovered his passion for the photography while he was studying graphic design at the School of Visual Arts in New York. This education gave him “the vocabulary and the tools to navigate the world with a new set of eyes” said Jung. During that period he decided to renounce to his art director position in a studio in Milan to take a deeper look into the fashion photography industry.

Studio 24-24 brought in the new website a very accurate signature of Jung’s work.

They have created randomised website, that whenever the reader reloads the page, the scripts are redefined, and the size, position and the order of the pictures changes. The three statics elements: About, Paul Jung and Contact are very well placed, it counteracts with the dynamism on the website and brings in an easier user experience and also attributes an elegant but modern look even though the typography used is really bold.

Enault and Vermenot had capture Jung’s photography essence, and they have applied on the website. A fresh and dynamic minimalism combined with intriguing compositions and using a monochromatic and nuanced faint color palette. The random composition on the portfolio/website highlights the relation between pictures and at the same time gives a special protagonist to each image.

Studio 24-24 has produced a powerful and unique website for the artist portfolio.