Pebble: reinterpreting the classic plastic bottle

Pebble: Reinterpreting the classic plastic bottle


Pebble is a project made by Sofia Löser and Henrik Bettels. It consists of a series of plastic bottles, where the designers play with the volume and transparency of the material in each container. The Pebble’s goal is to reinterpret the classic plastic bottles used as a container for water or other liquids. Some parts of each bottle receive a bluish and translucent finished, got with the sand blasting technique.

Its manufacture has been made with the traditional method of blowing glass and its material is composed of different types of plastic PET. It is a good initiative to leave the established, test new viusal ways, and prioritize a quick customer choice. Pebble has also the option to be used as vase or jar.


Sofia and Henrik studied at the School of Art and Design Burg Giebichenstein of Halle, Germany. Currently they are working as teacher assistants in the same school.