Peckham House by Al-Jawad Pike

Peckham House is a project carried out by the London studio Al-Jawad Pike. The extension of the ground floor of this terraced Victorian house, located in the center of London, generates a new interior space in relation to the patio.


The existing three-storey house housed a narrow kitchen on the ground floor that is moved to the new projected volume. This level expands laterally occupying the entire width of the plot and connecting it with the patio.


By intervening in the Peckham House, it is possible that the internal distribution changes and incorporates a larger bathroom and a generous receiver for visitors.


Peckham House is committed to a spatial expansion based on winning not only surface but volume, luminosity and relationship with the patio


Volumetrically the intervention expands to the first floor, articulating the new piece with the existing one in different heights. The construction is made in prefabricated blocks of concrete pigmented in light color, contrasting with the dark brick of the original building.


The windows and furniture of this new room are designed with oak wood that combines in tone with the blocks of the structure. The kitchen with a central island formed by the same block as the walls, is topped with a gray metal countertop.


In this new room, Peckham House manages to generate two different environments, but linked at the same time. On the one hand, the kitchen has a continuous false ceiling at a lower level while the dining area, which is also the point of connection with the pre-existence, opens towards the sky with a large skylight.


Photographs by Al-Jawad Pike.