Pensive Dimensions, architecture photography by Nina Band


Pensive Dimensions is the project of the photographer Nina Band, licensed in photography at the University of Falmouth. The main focus of Nina’s photography has been architecture from the point of view of perception through form, dimension and color.


The Pensive Dimensions project creates an abstract vision of architecture. The photographic work focuses on detail, on a small part of the photographed architecture that is related to the viewer through geometry, shadow and texture. The interest of the series has to do with the way in which the public perceives that architecture.


The structure of Nina Band’s photographs, both in her series of Pensive Dimensions and in the rest of her work, is characterized by the conception of a minimalist image, where everything is motive and there is no interference with other elements.


Pensive Dimensions not only is a series of architectural photographs, but the explanation of the perception of this


Pensive Dimensions not only remains in a series of photographs of details, but the study of the perception of these geometries is completed created two apparently identical images. On the one hand, the original image, the photograph of the architecture itself, and on the other, the subsequent work of constructing the image through paper, decomposing the initial photograph into pieces.


At first, when observing one of the pairs of images of Pensive Dimensions, it may look like two identical images. By carefully observing, one obtains not only the photograph of the architecture but the structure of the image itself, its weight, color or geometry, in short, the synthesis of its perception.


The architecture represented despite being in detail and being decontextualized is clearly recognizable. These clear and defined images in structure, allow an anonymous architecture to articulate all the work of this photographer, without having to resort to icons or milestones.


Photography by Nina Band.