“People are light”: IED Barcelona take us inside a light phenomenon

IED Barcelona Escola Superior de Disseny participated in the festival Llum BCN 2018 with the interactive installation “People are light” enjoyed by the residents of Poblenou days 16, 17 and 18 of February. This project was located in the old factory SIMON, now space Simon 100, and was designed by students of the degree in Graphic Design, Product Design, Interior Design y students of Postgraduate in Architectural Lighting Design .

The installation “People are light” was born with participatory vocation: the idea was to experience a journey to find out what happens inside a light phenomenon. What happens inside of a cable? And behind a switch? These are some of the questions that the user might have experience in this project, developed the students of the IED Barcelona with the collaboration of FLUVIA.

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“People are light”: two separate spaces

“People are light” was divided into two spaces that contrast to each other: a tunnel with a dark and access a courtyard bright and translucent. Visitors could interact with sensors that were installed, and through this communication between users and project, the interior façade of the old SIMON was illuminated with different scenes.

The space was transformed adjusting the light and creating a unique sensory experience that was created in a workshop in the IED Barcelona Escola Superior de Disseny coordinated by Raffaella Perrone, operational Director of the design Area, and Michela Mezzavilla, responsible for the Postgraduate Course in Lighting Design of Spaces. In addition, IED students worked with the department of engineering of FLUVIA and the Scena system allowed them to create changes in color, intensity and rhythm of the light. The success of this installation was possible thanks to the collaboration between different entities and professionals which allowed us to create a unique and changing space.

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