Phan, the BA project of Petter Hillinge & Axel Norlander.

Petter Hillinge & Axel Norlander have designed a furniture collection based on utilized natural stone off-cuts in a simple systemized Oak construction. Phan, the name of the project, has been done as a Bachelor Project for The Industrial Design school at Lund University.



Petter Hillinge & Axel Norlander opinion is that stone makes beautiful and long lasting products. Custom stone products and interiors create a lot of waste when manufactured. These valuable stone parts are seldom used.  We got in contact with a stone manufacturer called Sten Centrum in Gothenburg that needed ideas for utilizing their off-cuts and excessive material. They created a standard size to extract as much as possible from the off-cuts and use this to create Phan, a modular furniture collection with traditional joinery.

Phan is created using the natural stone off-cuts of a company


Specific situations and environments inspired us to adapt the furniture individually for their usage. The result is Phan collection where the unique properties of the stone is displayed in four different furnitures.


The intention was to learn about the natural stone industry and the possibility to create a product using waste material from the production.

phan_more_with_less_08 phan_more_with_less_12 phan_more_with_less_14