Phase II by West Architecture

by | 26 October 2017 | architecture


Phase II by West Architecture is the extension of a first project created in an old Methodist Church in Islington, London. In 2014, the new owners decided to expand the space and create a stay under the existing roof.


During the first intervention in this church the space became a work area and a new mezzanine was created that would house the sleeping area, being out of sight of the main area.


Phase II is another step, to include a new stay in a structure as rigid as an old church, involves conforming not only to the patterns established by customers but to adapt to the limitations of preexistence.


Phase II involves the creation of one project inside another, a wooden box under the roof of an old church


The work includes a new room inserted in the space of the ceiling that was not used previously. It is accessed through stairs enclosed within the enclosure that leaves the main space.


Phase II is a box built in plywood echoing the mezzanine created earlier. Inside, all walls, floors and doors are birch plywood and spruce.


With the new remodeling, Phase II also renews other rooms such as kitchen and bathroom, and maintains a relationship between the mezzanine and the main space of the first intervention.


Photograph of Ben Blossom.

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