PI House Sa Cabaneta, responsible architecture, with a mediterranean touch

PI House Sa Cabaneta is a dwelling for a couple located in Sa Cabaneta, an inner village with a pottery industry trandition in Mallorca, Spain. Is it here, where architecture and design studio munarq, has built this project.

CASA PI TEASER from Pau Munar Comas on Vimeo.

PI House Sa Cabaneta begins from three fundamental requirements for its clients. A house with the minimum carbon emission, but without losing its comfort and also built with natural materials. The result is a bioclimatic project, meaning that it works with great efficiency, thanks to its low energy consumption.

Located in an urbanization area, where visual and acoustic isolation are design priorities. thus, in order to solve the house morphology, the designing team had take to account, the different entrances to the project. 

casa-pi-sa-cabaneta-pi-house-sa-cabaneta-more-with-less-design-magazine-9PI House Sa Cabaneta take the local architecture, towards a simple, relaxed and contemporary design.

An acoustic wall, minimizes the sounds coming from the road, it also works as a facade that shelters the interior of the house. In this way PI House Sa Cabaneta remains protected and open only towards the South side.

The courtyard design generates greater house privacity, distracting and obstructing the curious looks of the neighbors. In this kind of area, life outdoor is very common, therefore, it is necessary to have intermediate instances between inside and outside. Enjoy life outdoors, preserving the intimate character.

The construction of PI House Sa Cabaneta, responds to the Mediterranean typology and style. From solid bearing walls with small openings to control climate and lighting. The coatings are placed according to the wind, so you can  get a better climate performance and response to erosion.


The stone walls, sloping ceilings and arabic tiles, complete a minimalist but traditional look. A monochrome materiality, which highlights the blue  sky and its pool reflection, touches of color given by nature itself.

The use of ecological and low impact materials, make PI House Sa Cabaneta, a friendly home for its users. A construction based on ceramic blocks with natural cork insulation. A project that shows that it is possible to build in a responsible and traditional way, without falling into the monotony and boredom and that simple and elegant architecture can also be highly effective.

Photos by Adria Goula / munarq.