Pichaya Residence by Nitaprow

by | 1 February 2018 | architecture


Pichaya Residence is the renovation of a three bedroom apartment into a two bedroom apartment by the architects Nita Yuvaboon and Prow Puttorngul, founders of Bangkok based studio, Nitaprow. Each client and each project bring different challenges to an architect. With an eye for details and a highly curated furniture collection, an industrial designer is a demanding client.

Pichaya residence went from a segmented and square space to a large open space that fits the kitchen, dining room, living room and study into a continuous space. All guided from the entrance to the rooms by a curved white wall that erases corners and columns from the original layout. 

This wall also hides all the electrical and plumbing conduits and pipelines that were removed from the ceiling. Admired  both the client and the architects it was clear that the concrete ceiling’s texture and colour palette had to be valued and shown.

As a mirror, the new floor is also made of concrete but its neat and clean finishes contrast and help bring up the ceiling.Together these three elements create a space that serves as a canvas and gallery for the client’s selected furniture pieces.

Pichaya residence is a singular continuous flow of details, shapes and spaces.

The arched doorway to the bedroom is placed along the path of the prevailing wind’s northeast-southwest direction.in order to capture the most consistent wind flow throughout the year. To close, and open, the project, a panoramic sliding glass door accesses an existing triangular shaped balcony with a view to Thonglor’s skyline in Bangkok.


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