Pino, when the functionality of two objects it’s joined

Pino is an accessory designed by Athanasios Babalis for Shibui. Athanasios is an industrial designer with the headquarters in Thessaloniki, Greece. He has studied in the  London Metropolitan University and the Royal College of Art en Londres. Later, he started as an independent designer, working for huge companies. Nowadays he is a design teacher in AKTO Univeristy and the International Hellenic University, in Thessaloniki.



On the other hand, Shibui, with the headquarters in Geneva, creates a lot of variety of articles for the homes, made by hand. The name of the company comes from the Japanese, which it is referred in a particular aesthetic, with a simple, subtle and discreet beauty. With a functional and flexible philosophy. They create objects in a handcrafted way, to reach any of the environment required.



They present Pino, this is a mortar. Is a completely redesign of a daily object, maintaining the aesthetic and the functionality of a mortar, but keep it into the simplicity. With a clean and contemporaneous aspect, so it has place for any kitchen. It is made in two different woods: natural oak or ash.



Pino is useful as to mill herbs or spices, as to break dry fruits.



Not only this, but Pino can be used as a mortar as a nutcracker. So, this way, is used to mill herbs and spices, as to break dry fruits and nuts. All together, in a one ergonomic design. Being this way a noble tool in the kitchen, with a multifunctionality.



As the base as the object to mill, they fit perfectly. They are joined from the form, a simple and clean sphere. Fact that facilitates the use of Pino, being very intuitive, and at the same time precise. Also, the aesthetic that gives the wood, it gives a naturality and transparency to the object very strong. Simple and without any complication, but with personality. Aesthetic even to have it as a seen object during the day.



Photos by Angelos Zymaras