Piquentum St. Vital, the nature of the place on a label

The Croatian design studio Studio Sonda, is responsible for creating the spectacular packaging for wine bottles of Piquentum St. Vital. This wine has its personality in being a natural wine, where the flavor conditions will be granted by the climatic circumstances of the vineyards, without being modified by pesticides or flavor balancers.


Studio Sonda reflects these natural conditions in the labeling of bottles. Not only indicate the year of harvest but understand what happened during that year and how these changes affect the wine, is the main objective of the design. The biography of the wine Piquentum St. Vital during the year of collection is reflected through the rainfall of each month.


Studio Sonda creates a packaging for Piquentum St. Vital wine, based on water as graphic elements to understand the importance of nature


To create a labeling of a natural wine that reflects the meteorological status of each month of the year, they used data from the Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service. The annual rainfall has a great weight in the maturation and final taste of the wine, and in addition, it is a very effective tool to show these changes graphically.


Because of all this, the Piquentum St. Vital label transmits rainfall in small circles throughout the year. Water on paper affects its properties and texture. This method together with the use of copper stamping, lead to an elegant and delicate packaging. The circle as a graphic form, reflects the drops of rain, regardless of any other ornament or decorative element, understanding that the nature of the wine does not require additional decorations.


Photographs by Studio Sonda.