Pis TS, integral reform of an apartment in Barcelona

pis-ts-more-with-less-01The Pis TS project is a comprehensive renovation of an apartment in Barcelona, carried out by the studio Alventosa Morell Arquitectespis-ts-more-with-less-03The materiality of the project makes it a balanced intervention, where the main materials are, wood and white color.
pis-ts-more-with-less-04The wood is present in the elements of furniture such as the doors of the large wardrobe, the countertop that covers the living room closet, the elements that make up the bed of the main room. Also, the wood is present in the enclosures of the reform of the Pis TS.

The Pis TS project clearly presents its intentions from the beginning, a subtle intervention that frames the old housing that is being reformed.

On the other hand, white floods the rest of the intervention. Walls and ceilings are covered by a layer of white, which brings a greater luminosity and amplitude to the entire space that is reformed.
pis-ts-more-with-less-05Occasionally appear elements that show what was previously this house. The old wooden lintels are seen contributing to the whole set a conservative air within the minimalist performance that is performed here. This idea also materializes in the brick walls that are kept in view. They are covered in white but fully visible.
pis-ts-more-with-less-09 These connotations of the maintenance of the old come into relation with the whole new intervention, thus getting past and present to come together.pis-ts-more-with-less-08The furniture for the TS apartment is simple, since the space does not require large elements that hinder the understanding of all this intervention.

Finally the floor leaves the protagonism to the rest of the project, since it is opted for a floor with a neutral tone, in this case a grayish green. With a continuous plot, it achieves that there are no discontinuities and unifies the entire floor of the apartment.

Photography: Adrià Goula

Collaboration: AG Interiorisme