Plank Sofa, created from a wood plank

Plank Sofa is a sofa designed by Knudsen / Berg / Hindenes & Myhr. From Norway, this team of designers is formed by Petter Knudsen, Anders Berg, Steinar Hindenes y Frode Myhr. All of them students of Bergen Academy of Art & Design. They search to create from distinctive materials and productions which provides to the objects a different character. Working at the same time with design initiatives and collaborations with manufacturers.


The designers were astonished with the huge dimensions that Dinesen is able to do. Basically they get inspired in this huge planks to develop a new kind of product based on this. One of the results is Plank Sofa.


Formally, Plank Sofa is sober but elegant. Perfect to stay in a office or in private individuals. It’s formed by a wooden plank, with a back and legs. The table is more long than the space of the cushions to implement in the same design a side table. This side table adds another function to the sofa. Its aesthetic and quality are primary to this design.


With only a wooden plank as basis and a subtle back, Plank Sofa samples the relaiton between the simplicity and functionality


In the project of Plank Sofa they cooperate with the manufacture of solid planks Dinesen. The wood that is used in the design is oak, walnut or fir. Then on the wood are applied some covered as oil or matte lacquer. The legs are of solid wood reinforced at the end with stainless steel or brass. Finally, the cushions are filled with foam with a polydown wrap and externally is of fabric or leather.


The style which is used is Scandinavian, but with an international elegance. Apart from being pleasant visually, the comfort of Plank Sofa is unique. With a correlation between different materials, adds this new vision which fascinates with its comfort.