Plonk Container a simply nice design

Plonk Container is one of the new products developed by the Daniel Emma studio. An Australian design studio founded in 2008 by Daniel To and Emma Aiston. His projects seek to create unexpected pieces from simple forms. For their development, they take advantage of the influence and knowledge of the Australian culture that we see reflected in their products.



Plonk Container is a container used to store products of different dimensions. With a strong minimal character these pieces have been developed through geometric shapes, simple and functional with each other.

Its shapes together with the combination of colors and textures make Plonk Container a simply pleasant product

One of the main functional characteristics of Plonk Container, is that its lid has an extrusion. This extrusion allows the lid to fit perfectly to the container. The designers thus prevent the lid from moving, and the container is completely closed.



To better suit the needs of users, we find Plonk Container in two size variations. In addition, to provide the product with greater versatility and adaptation to different spaces we find the piece with different combinations of color and texture. Regarding its material, Plonk Container containers are made of steel and resin. Materials that allow easy customization by its creators.