Plug table, a side table without screws with two possible height

Plug table is an auxiliary table designed by Simone Affabris. This young italian designer and illustrator defends a simple, functional and versatile design. He studied design in Italy, and also in Sweden, where he actually lives. An important fact is that he works in a real scale to see directly the reality and modify it from this point of view.

In this project, his main finality was facilitate some daily aspects that at last are problems. The transport, the assembly,… And more, it will be the clue to develope Plug table. Try that at the same time it will be easy and intuitive, without any effort or any tool.

When we see it, the circular form of the table is enveloped with a ring of metal, together with the legs that are fitted without any screw or adhesive. The ring is fitted together with two discs of wood. These ones act as a cover and surface, and the other as base. So it is enabled this way a space to save things.

The fit of the legs and the storage in its inner, makes of Plug table a versatile and functional table side without missing the minimalist aesthetic

In this case Plug table has been thought to have two possible heights, one of 35 and other of 50 centimeters. This is possible thanks to the different length of the legs, which are keeped in the storage created by the two discs of wood.

All the table is stored in 4 centimeters. Thus has been solved aspects as the assembly and the dismantling of the table, the sustainability when it is created. Talking in concrete about the join of the legs. On the transport, it has been achieved the flat pack. The recycling process will be easier because it does not have mixed, treated or synthetic materials.

Think about all of this, and perform it, is a big step. Every day more designers bet for a design more simple, versatile and sustainable. In Plug table are reflected all this values.