Poor But Sexy, an Alt Bau renovation

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Poor But Sexy is the refurbishment and complete renovation of an 82sqm apartment located in an Alt Bau; an old traditional building in Berlin. Carried out by Hagar Abiri Architecture and Design studio, the architectural project is aimed at improving the problematic rooms’ distribution, while dealing with an untouchable constructive wall.

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Turning the problem into a potential design element, the presence of the existing wall is the starting point of Poor But Sexy project.  Thus, the wide wall remains exposed, showing its original texture as well as the signs of time, and is used as a spatial element that distributes the different rooms around it. This design strategy turns the old apartment into a brighter and more opened home, in accordance with the tenants’ needs and customs, a family coming from the warm and full of sunshine city of Tel Aviv.

Poor But Sexy shows us how to take the most out of the existing traditional architecture to design a renovated and cosy apartment with a unique identity of its own

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Following the same design strategy, other original elements, as wooden doors, were left exposed, restored, repainted and treated with oil. On balance, Poor But Sexy results in a totally renovated apartment where different traditional textures and elements live together in modern rooms with white walls that enhance the space luminosity.

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Taking the most out of space, a built-in functional wooden wardrobe-like piece of furniture acts as storing as well as workplace, when open. The rest of furniture pieces were carefully selected from local commerce and second-hand stores, resulting in a singular apartment with a strong own character.

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Photos by Diane Adam