Porcelanosa Premium Collection, the best in a proyect


Porcelanosa Premium Collection is a collaboration of the Valencian architect Ramón Esteve and the Spanish brand to create a range of products of high quality and design. The project brings, through nine different identities, the best in currently design and architecture. The relationship between materials and accessories offers options for very personal designs.


Ramón Esteve, architect and designer, is the host and the director of this project. Esteve creates spaces with very different identities and Porcelanosa complements it with its design products. Within Premium Collection of Porcelanosa, their products contrast with clean and minimalist distributions.

Porcelanosa Premium Collection, the project with Ramón Esteve that shows the most cared designs of the brand


The eight companies that form the group Porcelanosa gather equipment to offer new experiences through design. The entire collection is proposed as an interaction between innovative elements and noble materials. For example, wood floor combined with basins that simulate the feel of natural stone. Integrating both elements to achieve the concept pursued. Minimal and Neo Curvy ranges offer a minimalist and sober identity. The combination of natural materials and innovating ones emphasises the essence of using less with the best.



The minimalist line of Premium Collection seeks essentially through textures. Neutral colors, basic shapes and straight lines drawn basins, taps and screens. The refined style hides sensations through the warmth and functionality of materials.

porcelanosa premium collection