Prefabricated modules. Versatile and sustainable architecture.

There has been many architects and designers who has used prefabricated modules for doing architecture. From Renzo Piano with his proposal for transform italian suburbs through containers, to the creative headquarter office Pallota TeamWorks, where different containers are located inside an industrial unit. The prefabricated modules are an effective choice, because of their fast assembly, and versatile, because of the possibility of moving the units.

Image by Benny Chan, Fotoworks

One of these companies with whom you can count on for this kind of constructions is Algeco, a leading company in the modular construction that has many different types of modules which can adapt into different projects. Algeco has worked to get modular spaces with a good quality that provides comfort. The solutions of this company cover different kind of construction, from the industrial units design or events modules to design homes.

Image by Algeco

The prefabricates modules for events are one of the most popular options because of all the benefits they have. The first one is the versatility that these construction give, these units are modules that can be combined in many different ways to get to adapt to the enviroment. On the other hand, these modules are a kind of construction very effective because of the fast assembly and dismantling, something required in the event sector.

Image by Algeco

The quality of this kind of modules ensures the resistance to passage of people. But furthermore the capacity to adapt allows to host inside different installations. These prefabricated modules are designed to be used in different fairs and events, so it provides greater profitability. But without a doubt, the queen of the attributes is the sustainability and the care for the enviroment that Algeco ensures through the material selection and clean assembly techniques . They control during the production and construction the volumen of waste, dust emissions and noise pollution is controlled by the company during production and construction.

Image by Algeco