Producto Fresco 2017, the sixth design exhibition edition of dimad

producto-fresco-2017-expo-diseño-dimad-more-with-lessAs every year –and celebrating its sixth edition- Producto Fresco brings us the most outstanding product design created or produced in Madrid over the last year. With a curated selection of pieces that goes from student projects to great designers and brands creations, this exhibition has already become a point of reference on Spanish design scene for all design lovers. A display open to the public that can be seen until the next 28th July in the Central de Diseño at the cultural centre for contemporary creation Matadero Madrid.


Here we bring you some of the products that caught our eye at Producto Fresco 2017, from furniture pieces to industrial products and gadgets, presented, on this occasion, in a striking expositive design created by Mariano Martín. Moreover, the next July 13th will be held a meeting with the designers as an opportunity to get to know first hand all the products as well as their design concept and production processes behind them [you can sign up for here].



Designed by Placton, Metánforas are the first pieces of a family aimed to analyse the ties between human and vegetal. They are inspired by vases as the decorative products with longest history that allows us to bring nature closer to day-to-day life, but going one step further. Metanforas are living vessels made in ceramic that take the most out of the natural features of this material. Thanks to the porosity of clay, water seeps naturally keeping pace with the needs of the plant and waters from the interior the vegetation that grows up around the ceramic vessel wall. The result is a system that makes visible the nutrition process of plants and highlights the value of the living organism.

Project BB


The beauty of ruin, the broken and destroyed objects. Thus was born Project BB, a series of pieces inspired by the romantic sense of ruin as well as the Japanese philosophy of wabisabi, in which the imperfection, the ephemeral and the incomplete aspects of the objects are the main reason of their beauty. With the aim of turning the ruin into a daily object, Studio La Cube has created a collection of lamps designed from fragments of bricks and other waste material from construction. These broken pieces are combined with geometric metal sheets of copper and brass –looking for a contrast between the qualities and forms of materials- in a design that fits the original piece and not the other way around.




The architecture firm Enorme Studio has reinvented the use of a traditional ceramic filler block with his new and surprising product: KURUL. It is a piece of furniture whose name makes reference to its etymological Latin root “curulis”; a square seat without back nor armrest which is thought to have been used since Roman monarchy as a symbol of royal power. Its design is based on a simple curved ceramic filler block supported by four metal coated legs. The result is a modular furnishing system presented with varied hypergraphics finishes that can be used both individually or arranged as a set in order to fit different spaces and scenarios.  




MONØ is the new collection by MIXIM, a product line that we first met last year at the past edition of Producto Fresco. Following the starting concept of combining mirrors with geometric pieces that fragment the reflection, these new models festure a simpler design, with close attention to detail, presented in a circular format of Ø40cm and Ø58cm. The MONØ|MATERIAL series plays with the natural characteristics, textures and sensations produced by architectural material such as concrete, Carrara marble, cork and pine wood, while the MONØ|CROMO models create a contrast between the glass surface and the chromatic matt finish of a range of colours. A family of functional and decorative pieces whose design allows the user itself to rotate and hang the mirror in eight different positions as well as be turned into a lightning point thanks to a led system.


producto-fresco-2017-lian-meriu-diaz-more-with-less-01Created by the architect Meriu Díaz, LIAN is an acoustic panel aimed for the office of the future. Its design meets the objective of providing solutions tailored to the new dynamic, open and flexible workspaces. Available in a curated range of colours and made of recyclable natural materials, LIAN is thought to be connected to each other, like a folding screen, in order to delimitate semi-private spaces both visual and acoustically. Doing so, it turns out to be a simple but efficient solution that enables to create comfortable ambiances and easily reconfigure open spaces giving a touch of colour and dynamism.



Killay is a lamp designed by Germán Gonzalez and Juan Pablo Briz –Singular Design– with the singularity of lacking of button. It is composed by an eleven-faced steel prism that holds an oak branch with almost half a meter long. Thanks to the microprocessor set inside, power and light intensity is controlled through the rotation of the lamp itself depending on in which face of the prism it lies on. This way, in a horizontal position the lamp is off and gradually increase its lightning until reaching the vertical line, decreasing intensity again as it completes a 180º turn. The result is a functional lamp, with a very thoughtful and minimalist design that invites us to interact with it.




L1 is one of the best example of how to adapt an analogic design to the current digital era we are living in. Azahara Morales, its creator, is an art director, industrial and multimedia designer; a very multidisciplinary profile that has allow her to design an analogue watch in a different way. It is a minimalist watch, with simple but bold lines, where the time is read through two arches perforated in the sphere, using colour to distinguish between am and pm hours. A singular and innovative design defined by a strong character -available in black and white-, with close attention to detail and high quality finishes that have earned it a Red Dot Award Design and an A’Design Award.

producto-fresco-2017-L1-reloj-azahara-morales-more-with-less-04All images courtesy of dimad