Artificial mane

During the Valencia Design Week More with less Atelier has created an ephemeral and conceptual installation inside a hairdressing salon. MWL Atelier accepted the challenge of transforming the interior of a hairdressing salon into a relaxing and surreal space. In addition, the project had to answer a question:


How does it feel to be inside a mane?



Following the “more with less” philosophy the atelier changed the interior of the hairdressing salon with only one material, twisted cotton cord. More than 7 kilometers of rope divided into more than 5,500 pieces hanging from the roof to create an artificial mane.



Respecting the functionality and the daily work inside the hairdressing salon, rooms has been created in the reception area and in the hair washing area playing with the length of the strings. Using neutral colors and simple geometric shapes, each dresser has a different cut, a rectangular, triangular and circular fringe.



More with less Atelier

Date and Location

Febrero 2016 - Valencia, Spain

Author photo

Carles Graullera

Author Vídeo

Luís Iranzo