“Pink” by PRUE STENT

Prue Stent is a young australian photograper, 21, based in Melbourne. She has recently attracted the attention of both amateur art audiences and international media thanks to her surrealistic vision of daily affairs, an approach present in every capture. Prue Stent started shooting at an early age with analogical cameras and evolved professionally into a digital photographer.

Prue Stent 2

prue stent 1

Using her sister, her friend Honey Long and herself as protagonists of her work, she has managed to create a light color universe in which synthetic elements merge with natural ones in a harmonic way. Inside this color range, pink is the main character of her work.



With a decided discourse about gender transposition and a visible -yet not fully intentional- vinculation with feminism, Stent’s work presents a study on the human body in which human anatomical shapes are lost, camouflaged among textures or combined with different figures in the same picture, creating amazingly alive and beautiful compositions. In “Pink”, the pictures convey static movement and contribute to dinamism and emotivity in every capture. 

Prue Stent questions the beauty standards established by society  

Prue Stent questions the beauty standards established by society. The human body is the fetish element of her work, using female curves and natural complexion as the vehicle for the expression of emotions, feelings and sensations.