Psychiatric Center, a therapeutic restoration in Pamplona

psychiatric-center-restauracion-restoration-more-with-less-design.magazine-2Psychiatric Center, is a XIX century pavilion, as such, the signs of its neoclassical architecture runs through the aura of its spaces, as well as the print of its rhythmic organization and thoughtfull geometry.

It is located in Pamplona City, Spain, and the architecture studio Vailloro + irigaray has been in charge of “healing” this special project.

psychiatric-center-restauracion-restoration-more-with-less-design.magazine-1Psychiatric Center has stood the test of time, the memory of its walls has to condition the new design in a positive way. It is not about erasing what is written in stone, it is rather, to intervene, so that new architecture can follow its own evolution.psychiatric-center-restauracion-restoration-more-with-less-design.magazine-3

The proposal to intervene in Psychiatric Center is to start from its virtues to enhance them in the new use. Domesticate the scales when necessary, give a healing function to the courtyards and connect the patient with their architectural and natural environment.

The most Psychiatric center activities are oriented to occupational therapy, there are patients who live, breathe, and develop every day in the center.


Psychiatric Center adds a new architectural layer to its original building, so that over the years,  time between its walls can be read naturally.

psychiatric-center-restauracion-restoration-more-with-less-design.magazine-6The main focus is placed on the gardens as spaces that provide harmony to the routine of the hospital. In the revitalization of the Psychiatric Center, the geometric rhythms of the roofs and arches have been recovered. In the great rooms and the spaces that tend towards infinity, the needs of contemporary medicine are relocated.psychiatric-center-restauracion-restoration-more-with-less-design.magazine-7Recovering a space, reconfiguring it to adapt it to new uses, requires careful design as if it were a wound healing.The restoration of the Psychiatric Center is built in cement-colored structural concrete to amalgamate the tones of stone and brick.psychiatric-center-restauracion-restoration-more-with-less-design.magazine-10Although the original building has undergone modifications due to the need to make its academic architecture more flexible. On the other hand, that “aura” of its historical construction has remained intact.psychiatric-center-restauracion-restoration-more-with-less-design.magazine-11In addition, the geometries of the old building, are repeated engraved on the facades, managing to add a layer of history, that with the erosion of the climate, will be found over the years.

Photos by Ruben P.Bescós