Ramon and Mar’s pavilion. The possibility of adapting to the new style of housing.


Ramon and Mar’s pavilion, is located on a terrace in Barcelona, Spain. A construction carried out by design studio vora (Toni Riba), to complement some services for a dwelling.

Ramon and Mar’s pavilion is constructed transversely to the terrace, thus cutting its longitudinal axis. In this way a rhythm is generated, a sequence between open and closed spaces that defines a way of living. A visual relation that connects inside and outside, successively.


This new construction generates an interstitial space, a little and elongated terrace between the original building and the Ramon and Mar’s pavilion. An interior courtyard, an intimate enclosure in the heights of the city, only visible to the birds.


Ramon and Mar’s pavilion, redefines the concept of living in a more ephemeral and contemporary way.

Ramon and Mar’s pavilion shape remembers a warehouse, defined by its own ephemeral condition that gives the possibility to be easily transportable and mountable. A para-housing, which has the function to locate a studio and another room in order to complement the uses of the small apartment opposite.


Something similar happens with its materiality, a wood construction and a system of frames and panels. As a result, an independent, solid and autonomous volume is obtained. There is a conection between the constructive system and enclosure, in coherence with the way the space is used. The perimeter base has a continuous, more domestic finish. On the other hand, in the heights, the structure is visible.


Although this proposal is born of the spatial need for a specific use, it opens the door for the user to redefine and re-convert it. Its easy construction allows us to think about its quick reproduction and transportation, and to what extent the space we need to live is anchored to a specific use and arrangement.

Pavilion Ramón y Mar, could be a vision, an advance, a trailer of how housing architecture can evolve. Just like times are accelerated, we need faster answers and easily adaptable. A complement that can grow, and become a new way of dwelling.


pabellon-ramon-y-mar-raimon-and-mar's-pavilion-more-with-less-design-magazine-3Photos by  Adrià Goula.