The refurbishment of an attic with a Scandinavian air in Barcelona

The architecture firm The Hall Studio has developed the refurbishment of an ancient attic located in the Eixample of Barcelona. With just 50sqm of surface, the apartment had to be geared to the current uses and needs of its new tenant. As a result, a fully conditioning renovation and a minimalist interior design that has given a comfortable Scandinavian air to this small attic.


The main aim was to introduce light and functionality to the old dwelling. Playing just with the partition walls distribution, it is achieved to create a great polyvalent common area including the kitchen and the dining and living room –all in one- opened onto the open-air terrace. A diaphanous and flexible space marked by a series of sliding panels and a continuous furnishing that serves both to the kitchen and the dining-living room and thus generates a fluid atmosphere.

The attic refurbishment designed by The Hall Studio managed to create a flexible and bright space in accordance with the new tenant’s needs

These sliding wooden boards not only allow to create a direct connection between the kitchen and the living-dining room, but also an ambiance separation without losing the sense of being in a continuous unique room. This is possible thanks to the upper glass screens that makes us perceive the real space limits at every moment.



Every action carried out in the refurbishment of the attic has been focused on the optimum use of the few meters of surface as well as the only entrance of sunlight, corresponding to the south facing terrace. In this respect, all the corridor partitions have been eliminated and the conventional doors have been replaced by sliding doors following the same system used in the common room. Subtle interventions that achieve to create a continuous and homogeneous image that hides the private rooms such us the bedroom, a small office and the bathroom.



The range of materials and colours chosen for the renovation project was also specifically thought in order to spread the sunlight all over the place. Natural pine wood and white finish for walls and furnishing boost brightness and brings warmth to the indoor space. On the other hand the black steel structure framing the glazed upper part gives a touch of contrast and elegance, while industrial, to the attic.




Photos by Rafel Gras Forner