Rehabilitation for an exhibition hall in Santo Domingo convent. How to give a new use to a historical space with a minimal intervention.


Rehabilitation for an exhibition hall in Santo Domingo convent, is a project made from an earlier one, carried out by Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas. Located in Huéscar, Granada, Spain, it is Elisa Valero who gives a new life and use to this construction of 1544.


The complete complex is designed according to the typology that was used at that time. A quadrangular plot with a central cloister and surrounded by rooms. In addition to a church located on one of its sides. Although of this whole project, only part was built.


The Rehabilitation for an exhibition hall in Santo Domingo convent, respects the historical characteristics of the building, and maintains with a subtle architectural intervention, the special aura of an emotional space.



The Rehabilitation for an exhibition hall in Santo Domingo convent is in one of these rooms that surround the central courtyard.This original construction presented wood panels, which were later reinforced, the intervention of Elisa Valero carefully respects all that representative characteristics of the original construction.

The intervention incorporates a completely new staircase to access the upper floor. The forged is replaced for another with a ripple shape, which besides  giving an acoustic solution, shows the separation between the new and the old the building. On the other hand, the carpentries have been reused and the light enters filtered through alabaster. A perfect strategy to reinvent the entrance of light, both important in ecclesiastical use as in an art gallery.


All the space in the Rehabilitation for an exhibition hall in Santo Domingo convent is painted white, which contrasts with those parts where the wall and the vestiges of the original building come to light. A project that combines with sensibility, past and present architecture.


This restoration, achieved with a low budget, a minimal intervention, along with a great respect to the history of the building and its old use, a sensitive and emotional result. The design team has been able to find common ground between the two projects and put the old characteristics in value in order to to give a unique character to this exhibition hall.