Rehabilitation in El Carmen to rescue an identity

by | 19 December 2016 | architecture, slider

reforma-el-carmen-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-14 Rehabilitate: 1. Enable again or restore someone or something to your old state.

In other words we could say that it is the process of transformation that allows to recover an identity built in a physical and social context.reforma-el-carmen-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-19 reforma-el-carmen-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-44This rehabilitation in El Carmen of Valencia realized by rh Studio tries to return the identity to an apartment in a modernist building of the twentieth century located in a privileged place of the center of the Valencian capital.

The house had been modified several times by accumulating several layers of added elements. The first action was to get rid of the aggregates. This decision revealed a magnificent ceramic vault in a part of the house that was decided to conserve.

The rehabilitation in El Carmen recovers the vault and the original carpentries to recover its heritage

reforma-el-carmen-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-16 reforma-el-carmen-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-12 reforma-el-carmen-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-10The entrance hall divides the rehabilitation in El Carmen in a night area and a day area. The latter is located in the eastern part of the building, taking over the gallery in the corner of the block that overlooks Port de Serrans. It is constituted as a single space, unified by the ceramic roof that covers both kitchen and living room and the sliding glass door of 4 meters. Even when it is closed there is only one room with a overview of the balconies.

reforma-el-carmen-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-5 reforma-el-carmen-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-4 reforma-el-carmen-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-2All the rehabilitation in El Carmen is covered in an immaculate white that improves the natural lighting of the whole apartment and highlights the floor and some other elements of wood. The only places that escape this visual pattern are bathrooms with technical floors that imitate hydraulic tiles of different patterns and colors.

reforma-el-carmen-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-41 reforma-el-carmen-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-6The hall is delimited by wooden panels that still painted in white give a cozy feeling. They also help to compose the walls containing bedroom and built-in doset doors in a delicate and unified way.

reforma-el-carmen-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-35 reforma-el-carmen-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-33 reforma-el-carmen-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-27 reforma-el-carmen-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-25

Photography by Daniel Rueda.

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