Restaurant 1764

The restaurant 1764, work of the CREUSeCARRASCO studio, has that name since the project is located in one of the oldest houses in a village in Corcubión, Galicia, built on that date, between dividing walls, with a gable roof and a huge stone fireplace.





The project begins with a series of sketches and ideograms on the floor made by the owner in which the greatest difficulty for him is to locate the staircase that, as in many cases, is the key to small-scale projects.



Finally, the staircase is centrally located within the restaurant 1764, between the server and served spaces.



The staircase becomes the central element of the restaurant 1764, organizing the interior program and adding lightness to this small wooden and stone box.





On the ground floor, the staircase acts as a separating element of the tapas space and the service spaces such as the toilets and the wine cellar.



In contrast, on the upper floor, the staircase is located between the dining area and the kitchen, connected on both sides by two small sheet metal bridges that resolve height adjustments caused by the unevenness of the streets.



On the staircase, central element of the proposal, a large flared skylight is opened, constructed with white materiality that connects with the dining room and kitchen panels, which causes the light to come in and bounce off the white and flood the plant with light go down from the restaurant.




The structure of the roof is visible in its entirety, serving as support for a suspended loft, which filters a light that escapes between the shelves and which is projected onto the dining room and kitchen spaces.



This loft, has the functions of library, office and warehouse.




Finally the materiality of the proposal is summarized in the white cover and the rest of the restaurant in wood, alternated with preexisting elements of stone and a peculiar furniture made up of assembled pieces that does not conflict with the simplicity and harmony of the achieved spatiality.





Photography: Luis Díaz Díaz