Top 10 restaurants for tasting architecture

The way in which food is appreciated today is very different from what our parents did, as it happens. The pace of life of each person, and the priorities that each one has, bring us closer to different types of gastronomy; experienced, traditional, healthy or takeaway. Sometimes, we like trying new food in restaurants, but of course, when there is good design it tastes better. We bring you a compilation of More with less restaurants around the world.


Restaurante Björk by Murman Arkitekterbjork-restaurantes-restaurants-bjork-architecture-arquitectura-more-with-les-design-magazine-5

On a ski slopes from Sweden, we can find this restaurant as a giant wooden tent. Wood, snow and landscape is the trinity of this resort where you can rest after a long day of skiing enjoying the wonderful surrounding landscape.



Mantra by Supercake Studio


The Italian raw vegan collective has a necessary stop at Mantra, an awesome restaurant where nothing is cooked. As its name says, this place approaches a mental experience of well-being with the products that are offered and prepared there. The essence and the birth through simplicity are the basic ideas that carried out this project. The purity and clean linee invite us to join it.




Dizengof 99 by Crosby Studios


Dizengof 99 approaches Tel Aviv to Moscow through the stomach and the architecture. With a striking exterior, inspired by the Memphis group and an interior that transports us to Florentin, the creative district of Israeli capital, interspersing the old with the modern and also taking into account the city that hosts its restaurant.



Blanc i Negre por Ramón Esteve


With the renovation of a neighborhood bar, Blanc i Negre arrived at Ontinyent. The traditional gastronomic value of the local is emphasized by his structure. The colors and the materials creates light and it  allows you to enjoy the space and the food. Tradition and modernity come together in this wonderful restaurant.



Noodle Rack by Lukstudio


Going to a restaurant is not related to free time for enjoying the food, in China, they know it well. Lukstudio has designed Noodle Rack with the purpose of expanding throughout the country the philosophy of this LongXioBao restaurant. Streetfood or eating together and a selected design where you will undoubtedly enjoy even more the food.



Del Popolo by Jon Darsky & Michael Hyde


Being enterprising and getting used to the new times has been, as the pizza is  delicious, what has conquered its audience. With his food truck San Francisco’s streets are driven to bring the popular Italian food to all lovers of good pizza.



Nozomi Sushi Bar by masquespacio


In many cases, restaurants help us to imagine the places where the food comes from. This is one of the chances you have. Masquespacio has managed to bring to Valencia a piece of Tokyo. Taking sushi here, with the help of their materials and decoration is an assured trip to the Japanese kingdom. Never traveling was this cheaper.



Chäserrugg Restaurant by Herzog & de Meuron


A stunning restaurant. This old cable car station in the Alps allows you to enjoy the wonderful panoramic view of this stunning scenery. The wood as a common background and the chair as an accompaniment element, it is about nothing less than more than a thousand of them.



Orang + Utan by Artem Vakhrin & Katya Zuieva


With this name that reminds us to a mammal and a king of the jungle. Orang + Utan, located in Kiev, opens its doors for providing, the inhabitants of the land (jungle animals), the power necessary to continue with their day to day. It stands out for the use of white tiles that reminds us to other Soviet buildings with the contrast of brushstrokes of color.



Awasi Hotel by Felipe Assadi


Located on the Chilean slopes of La Pampa, the dining room of Awasi Hotel can be considered one of the most fortunate restaurants in the world. Set of cabins scattered across the landscape to create a unique guest experience. In one of those cabins, the one up on the hillside, we find the restaurant and the common area. Wood, views, nature and gastronomy.