Restoration in Alcalá, a haven in the heart of Madrid

reforma-en-alcala-restoration-in-alcala-diseno-minimalista-minimalism-design-more-with-less-design-magazine-6Restoration in Alcalá, as its name implies, is a restoration and complete refurbishment of an apartment built in 1900. Located in the vibrant city of Madrid, swiss architecture studio Wespi de Meuron Romeo architects and Abaton studio based in town, offer a pause, to the intense life of the Spanish capital.reforma-en-alcala-restoration-in-alcala-diseno-minimalista-minimalism-design-more-with-less-design-magazine-7For an abandoned house, that has had its last renovation around de 40s, it was decided to integrate a roof terrace and a storage space. Distributed over two storeys, Reforma in Alcalá connects these spaces by knotting two concepts; tradition and modernity.reforma-en-alcala-restoration-in-alcala-diseno-minimalista-minimalism-design-more-with-less-design-magazine-2

Restoration in Alcala, revitalizes a forgotten space

The lower floor, reflects a classic apartment, full of historical details of higher decorative value. The plaster moldings on the ceilings and traditional windows, that have been preserved gave a neutral framework to this lifelike reform, while maintaining a high aesthetic canon. The measures and original divisions have remained almost unchanged, despite the new interventions and functional adjustments.reforma-en-alcala-restoration-in-alcala-diseno-minimalista-minimalism-design-more-with-less-design-magazine-3The surprise of this project appears one floor up, (7th), where obstacles between sunlight and the inside disappear. With a wise design and the right dosing of lighting generates a comfortable place. This penthouse has been completely renovated to be the living room, having access to the terrace and rooftop. The kitchen is located in the center, where there is the maximum height, working as focal point of the entire area.
Maintaining a relaxed minimalist style, the playful diagonals of the ceiling gives different angles and scales to the room that with the walls, doors and floor, merge into a full white colour. The exquisite and stealthy architectural design creates an atmosphere of deep calm. The colors and furnishings take center stage at the scene. A subtle chromatic selection combines perfectly with the strategic furniture decoration. Every element, every color note, and every detail are disposed carefully in its place.
The styling of the rehabilitation for Reformation in Alcalá, is also in the lobby, the hallway and the master bedroom. All designed with a similar aesthetic, and with the same color palette, creating continuity throughout the work.reforma-en-alcala-restoration-in-alcala-diseno-minimalista-minimalism-design-more-with-less-design-magazine-8With a casual air and a rustic touch, there is a dialogue between the distinguished and delicate design with the key priority of housing; comfort. Restoration in Alcalá conveys freshness and harmony, a perfect nest on the heights of the city that separates it from the chaotic metropolitan life.