Ricard Camarena restaurant by Francesc Rifé in Bombas Gens, Valencia.


The new restaurant by Ricard Camarena, recognized Michelin star chef, was designed by Francesc Rifé, director of  Francesc Rifé Estudio in Barcelona. His design is part of the remodeled space of Bombas Gens an antique factory of hidric bombs, that has been part of Valencia´s  icons for many years. The Bombas Gens space was rebuilt by the foundation Por amor al art, which now holds a contemporary art exhibition in the adjacent space. 


The materiality used in the interior of the restaurant is based primarily on the use of walnut wood. 

Ricard-Camarena-Restaurant-in-Valencia-by-Francesc-Rife-More-with-Less-Magazine-04.jpgDifferent heights in the original building, makes grand open spaces generating amplitude and verticality. 


The double facade of the Ricard Camarena Restaurant in Valencia is made of stone walls and pure materials. Overexposing carpentry allowing interior lighting. 

Ricard-Camarena-Restaurant-in-Valencia-by-Francesc-Rife-More-with-Less-Magazine-06.jpgIn the same way, general lights, and emphasis lights compose the space and show how the same materials can be used for different objects. 

Ricard-Camarena-Restaurant-in-Valencia-by-Francesc-Rife-More-with-Less-Magazine-07The relationship between interior and exterior is done by elements that generate magnitude and light in the interior. 

Ricard-Camarena-Restaurant-in-Valencia-by-Francesc-Rife-More-with-Less-Magazine-08.jpgThe dark and light space generate the complex atmosphere needed in the interior of the restaurant as if a piece of art was shown. 


In spite of the dramatism of the interior, the restaurant of Ricard Camarena is also composed of functional spaces, where the chefs can gather and study. 


Using local materials such as clay blocks and ceramic which are very common in Valencia’s history, contrast the brown color of the wood, and are clean and esthetic for the kitchen of Ricard Camarena. 

The restaurant of Ricard Camarena designed by Francesc Rifé is the new jewel of Bombas Gens. 

Ricard-Camarena-Restaurant-in-Valencia-by-Francesc-Rife-More-with-Less-Magazine-11.jpgAt last, the brick, present in the rest of Bombas Gens complex is used in the flooring, creating a relationship between past and present. The use of lamps and lights, products of Miguel Milá, give the restaurant the correct setting for a good meal. 

Photography by David Zarzoso.