Roommate, new ways of distributing your space.

by | 25 October 2017 | product

Roommate is a group of clothes racks, shelves and storage elements designed by the italian couple Giulia and Ruggero. Design and Visual Communication graduated, they actually work together at Hans Tyge & Co. multidisciplinary studio based in Denmark. Working as designers they always try to solve in a creative and artistic way, their problems. Honesty is reflected in their products, trying to maintain a fresh line.

Roommate is able to adapt young people needs, who normally change the place where they live. His design makes it perfect for the daily hustle and bustle.

Routine stress usually runs into the home itself, and is there where Roommate mainly acts. In order to actively interact with the user and the space Giulia and Ruggero play with compositions and colours. In that way they have tried creating a warm and comfortable area, which invites to organization, relax and rest.

Behind Roommate story we can find a complete well-though product collection, portables, foldable and customizable.

Clothes rack, with an alambric steel structure, lacqued in pastel tones. With it formal structure maintains the minimalist and cared essence of your room. Besides of that and by a slight variation of the upper bars, some space is added to hang clothes and optimize the space available. We could also find a wide range of changes in the main system such as supports, with or without tray, which give versatility to the product.

Hangers, specially designed to live together with the context created by Roommate. Different functions are thought based on it’s shape. As an example, braces or delicate clothes are easily placed by having some slots on the hanger.

Storage boxes, fabric manufactured with some leather finishes in places of bigger us like the grips. Its cubic structure makes them quite appropriated for taking up any corner of the room. Modular as a whole, users can take profit of it’s shape, in order to adapt it in the most efficient way for personal use.

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