Multipurpose space in a row house

vivienda-en-hilera-row-house-02This project, work of Pia Mendaro studio and located in the city of Madrid, is a work space, workshop and exhibition (and hidden housing) in a row house.
vivienda-en-hilera-row-house-13The house, which becomes a residence space for artists, has two gardens, one located at the front and one at the back.
vivienda-en-hilera-row-house-03Given the new use acquired by this house in row, a space with great versatility is needed where one can work with a type of tools and that can be shared with the activity of public space or office where people can be received.

The premise was to reform a row house of the 20s, classified as “recognized poverty”, with a reduced budget and without changing its character abroad.vivienda-en-hilera-row-house-10

In the project, they opt for an equipped wall that includes all the program that serves the versatile space. Therefore, it is about releasing the largest number of m3.

The program is divided into a ground floor, where a large warehouse is located which closes with a 3m high door, a toilet and access to the private area of the project.





The private area is accessed through a staircase as a drawer that goes up to the dwelling of the person who resides. Here is a shower composed of an iron drawer and a porthole window. In addition, a walkway crosses to the bedroom that flies over the main space of this house in a row.


Under the walkway, you can hang items that serve the workspace and exhibition by means of pulleys.

In the garden located at the back is the kitchen, hidden in a shed. It is a simple kitchen, with a large bar and opens completely to the outside.



Photography: ImagenSubliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)