Ruins studio, living between historic layers

Ruis Studio is a house located in Scotland, United Kingdom. It is built from the stone ruins of an old local farm. Far away and surrounded by a natural landscape, Nathanael Dorent design team together with Lily Jencks Studio & Nous Engineering carry out this peculiar project.



With a 180m2 of surface, a typical house is designed, with the particularity that the material layers organize the project. On one hand, the first layer is the original stone of the previous building, here is where the intervention of Ruins Studio begins.



The variable geometry design of Ruins Studio is the meeting point between past and present architecture.




The second layer is a black rubber coating of EPDM, and in turn, inside it there is a curved wall system, like a kind of internal tube making three layers. Within this system the public areas of the program are organized. The kitchen, a studio and the living room with large windows that decorate the white walls.


For the private rooms of Ruins Studio the tube loses part of its layers and generates a more welcoming atmosphere, and differentiated from the rest of the house. The stone and white walls show the passage of time. In some of its curves appear small windows like lighting skylights.



The doors and windows of Ruis Studio generate a kind of space, a nich between the rubber envelope and the original wall. These spaces can be used for storage or even for furniture itself. The roof has been rebuilt with the same inclination as the original one, which gives an external coherence to the entire outside architecture.




The black rubber placed on the outside preserves the image of an old farm, and contrasts with the playful interior of curves. A kind of surprise box.



Ruin Studio is a special home, with great internal warmth and a beautiful ability to reconcile the past and present. A building possibly devalued, which is given a new life, with an intelligent and beautiful geometric game, and a wise use of materials. As a final result, it is a fun space, a contemporary, cheerful, singular and minimalist architecture.