Salto del Roldán Space



Salto del Roldán Space is a project by the architect Sixto Marín in Huesca. The town council want to create something more than an interpretation center: they want a dynamic space linked to learning, research and thinking.




The contents of the Salto del Roldán Space will change with time, as will the surrounding vegetation with the changes of seasons. The place is very important, a complex and rich territory that deserve to be observed and walked, but also worked and researched.




Salto del Roldán Space is the reminiscence of the existing architecture through volume, and the abstraction through landscape material




Salto del Roldán Space is the small-scale intervention in a difficult place, where wanted find a conversation with de new architecture, the existing and the landscape. Getting that the projected architecture cling to the place without discordance, it is the really challenge to the project.




The hermitage is near to the new architecture and is situated north. The new building is a allusion about to the hermitage. The size of the windows and the gunning concrete, change the Salto del Roldán Space in a abstract volume, that looks like a rock. The passing of time will do that materials as the concrete and corten steel are creating a changeable building and with a lot of nuances.




Inside, the volume is empty, with a marked level to 2,40 meter that goes across the building, through wood baseboard and graphic information areas. Wood boxes accommodate services space as the toilets. The top area is make with a inflection ceiling that generate a skylights, all in a white color, focus your attention on exhibition.