Samaná, the collection that revives the coffee ritual

by | 1 December 2017 | product

Samaná is a collection based on one grain that lots of us adore, the coffee. This collection formed by seven pieces, wood utensils and a furniture. All of this designed by a collaboration between designers. José Bermúdez, from Mexico, and on the other hand, Vrokka and Fango Studio from Colombia. They join together to create this variety of products. This collection was exposed in the last edition of Abierto Mexicano de Diseño.

The experimentation of Francisco Jamarillo (Fango) with the coffee to stamp the ceramics, gave different tonality that could combine with the wood, ceramics and leather. Henceforth, it was made a collaboration between them and they started to speak about a collection. Being this way, as functional as aesthetic, a perfect union for the coffee process.

Let’s write first about the Samaná’s furniture. This container it is inspired by the boxes of the coffee makers, where the coffee grains are recollected for its preparation. The high of this, also it is related with the Mexican canteen, meeting point to converse and prepare some drinks. The form that it allows to place it in a home environment or more in a social way, as it was thought to be.

Functionally, the opening is made of leather. Making this to open it more soft and giving a touch experience. The rest of the surface it’s finished with high-grade steel. Where the fact that it is rough allows to make a better clamping of the objects to prepare the coffee.

Samaná unifies the Mexican and Columbian coffee culture with this project, converting the process into a ritual, using all the sense in the elaboration

To make the coffee, the basis is a completely craft process. Using dripping method, to use more the hand’s user. And changing the coffee ritual, to make it work as a disconnection way. As a ritual.

On the other hand, the accessories generate this ritual through each tool. This are made between ceramics, mainly the recipients such as cups, and oak wood. The join between this tonalities agrees seamlessly with the coffee. Each piece has a form and gives an experience completely different.

The tradition and the complexity of the preparation of a good coffee returns with this remarkable design. At the end, the human experience are those that came with us every day. And if inside the routine we could add a personal moment for each of us, being ours or to share, at the end it would be more appreciated.

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