‘Minimalism brings something different’, interview with Sasha Vithin

The subjects of geometry and mathematics of Sasha Vithin’s architecture career in St. Petersburg have influenced his seek for simple and perfect forms through photography. Therefore, the images that he takes are a consequence of his interest in architecture and drawing. The 21-year-old Russian sees simplicity in what surrounds him on his daily life and he shares it through his Instagram account (@sasha_vithin). As a result, it offers a very personal look of architecture through the minimum elements possible. ‘I figured that the picture with less objects in it is closer to me, to my taste’. Now, he travels through Europe as a personal project to find clean and minimalist details in European architecture and to improve his images to be able to dedicate himself completely to this in the future.


What we see in your Instagram profile is a great predominance of minimalism, simple shapes, and architecture. How would you define your photography?

If I had to name my photography, I’d name it difficult simplicity. I try to focus the reader’s attention on a single, central spot. In the simplicity of most ordinary buildings and objects I see something unique and something that an ordinary man doesn’t. The simplicity and straight lines, reflection and shadows, silhouettes and outlines, natural landscapes with a minimum of elements – all this is reflected in my instagram. This emphasis on the important details in the ordinary things – makes my style and feed special.


In your previous photographs you were using color and you were doing flatter photographs, now you use photography with high contrast and nearly monochromatic. Why have you chosen this style for your photos?

The style of my pictures depends on my mood and inspiration. Right now, I am kind of interested in monochrome feed. I live in St. Petersburg and I am used to monochrome and gray colours.


Photography by Sasha Vithin on his Instagram account @sasha_vithin


You have a very important presence in Instagram. What has it provided to you?

Not much. The biggest benefit in having such a big amount of followers is that you can make friends in other countries, travel to visit them and collaborate with them. I have made many foreign friends since I’ve started my feed. 


Do you have any personal project or are you doing some work for firms? Could you tell us what it is about?

No, I don’t work for any firm or company, just for myself and for my personal satisfaction. I have now a personal project : #mnml_videos. It’s just a start, I have many ideas and I hope soon I will make them real. I love making videos and I am going to improve my skills in it.



Photography by Sasha Vithin on his Instagram account  @sasha_vithin 


We have seen that you have started to travel throughout Europe. Are you looking for places to portray or are you interested in some buildings in particular? What attracts you from the European architecture?

I’ve been traveling a lot. But now, I´m travelling for me, like a certain kind of investment in the future. I take better pictures and find interesting and unusual locations in other countries. Most of all, an interesting location is a matter of chance. I want, as a photographer of course, to find and take a picture of something new and different, and become a kind of pioneer in knowing a new location. Therefore, the most interesting places arise spontaneously. European architecture attracts everyone because it is original and beautiful. In my city, all objects and buildings are not interesting for me anymore.


We have noticed that you always travel with company. Do you have any story about your trips? Do you work alone?

Most often I travel alone or with family. In fact, a lot of interesting stories, but I will tell one of the last ones. I went to Copenhagen; I had quite a bit of time in this beautiful city. In order to have time to find as many interesting locations as possible and make a lot of shots, I rent a bike. It was literally the pursuit of the perfect shot. I was going so fast that I accidentally mixed up the rear with the front brake, I fell down and injured my leg. My leg, by the way, still hurts. But I can say “I did everything for the perfect shot”.


Photography by Sasha Vithin on his Instagram account @sasha_vithin


Your pictures are very clean, with straight lines and important details of the building you are photographing. Do you plan or prepare very much your shots?

I have been taking pictures for a long time. I have noticed that the details are very important for me. In my hometown I’ve already taken pictures of the most interesting objects and locations. So if I want to go to take pictures I usually plan it beforehand. As an example, I went to the lake just to make a video, and actually, I could already see the final picture before taking it.  It might be just an ordinary building, but I can already see something interesting and minimalist.


How important is the post-production in your photographs? What tools do you use and how much time do you spend doing it?

Post-production is a very important process and it takes quite a lot of time. I try to make everything clean and clear. Since I am perfectionist, it is essential that everything has to be perfect for me. I use Photoshop and Lightroom.


‘Minimalism brings something different, openness of ideas and unconventional approach’, Sasha Vithin


Photography by Sasha Vithin on his Instagram account @sasha_vithin


Do you think this type of photography is fashionable?

Minimalism is the new black. Today it is fashionable and popular. Increasingly, this style is found in art, design and photography. I think it’s cool! Minimalism, specially in photographs, brings something quite different, and it is appreciated for an openness of ideas and an unconventional approach.


Your inspiration is the Scandinavian minimalism. Do you have any reference?

On Instagram: @marcuscederberg, @jordipozo, @thismintymoment and @oliviermorisse.


What does More with Less mean for you?

Your website reflects my work and my vision of photography. Now minimalism is a trend, and I am glad that I can tell people more about it and about my work through your site. You rock!