Saturated minimalism of Rusty Wiles

The saturated minimalism of Rusty Wiles captures our attention at first glance. This self-taught photographer never ceases to surprise us with his instagram profile and his supersaturated captures full of color, becoming a true star of street and architectural photography. Although Wiles’ real profession is firefighter, his passion has led him to portray everyday scenes of the coastal town of Fort Piece, Florida.



With the use of formal and pictorial resources, his compositions represent a homogeneous and careful work. The photographer reflects from such common scenes as pools to cars parked in front of buildings. Rusty Wiles portrays corners, stairs, doors or encounters between buildings, in a somewhat comical and surrealist way.



The saturated minimalism of Rusty Wiles shows us a new look towards everyday reality, full of geometries and colors and so fantastical that it seems utopian.



Rusty Wiles partially portrays in his photographs private homes, industrial buildings or singular elements, with an extraordinary capacity for framing them. He does not show us everything, but with his photography reflects a minimal amount of information about the scene, leaving the rest to our imagination.


Sometimes it relies on symmetry or reflections to emphasize the objects that he wants to highlight. On other occasions, the role of lights and shadows is what help him to give rhythm to his photographs.



Geometry and color are fundamental pieces in the work of Rusty Wiles, where excessive saturation has become an identity hallmark of his work. Beyond the apparent simplicity of the scenes portrayed, the saturated minimalism of Rusty Wiles that he shows in his publications supposes a careful photographic work.