Secret, small box that covers and discovers its interior

Secret is a small storage box designed by Marc Venot for Lexon. This designer was born in 1979, Paris. He has worked a lot of time in a global french agency of design dedicated in luxurious brands. But in 2011 he founded his own studio. On the other hand, Lexon search constantly an innovation and the creation of new things. Looking for provision the willings of the others in the best possible way. They define its designs as humble, but with joy.



So, together they have worked to create Secret. This is a small box which allows that the interior can be hidden or shown. This is such an innovative idea, and there will be the ones who consider it necessary, and others unnecessary. But the point of thinking that an object can be shown or hidden inside an object, it’s quite curious and functional.



Nowadays, depending on the object, it’s better to hide them or show them to the public. And more if its a private space, such as homes or offices. This object, enables to being the inside visible for the user, but if this has guests or external people, he can hide its interior. And once he is again in an intimate space, show it again.



The main that keeps in secret this objects is the double wall. Between this two there is an opaque liquid with a colour, related to the object colour. This liquid, because liquids adapt to the space that they have, covers finally all the volume. In this way, the things that are inside, disappears with just a gesture. This gesture it’s such as simple as turn it, and support the box in one face or another. The form in this way it’s simple and kind.



Secret is a small box to save little elements that can be hidden or discovered in its interior thanks to a soft gesture



Secret was thought initially to keep small objects, such as coins, using it as a piggy bank. It has the slot on the cover thought for this, but it also can be opened in a current way. The options of colours are variated, in this way you can play with this and the space where you want to place it.



What’s more, this is a small box, but they also create a light with the same tenet. Which creates a direct light or ambient light with this play, covering and discovering it.