Seongsan-dong mix-use by A Round Architects


Situated in the old neighbourhood in Seoul, Korea is the mixed use residential project known as Seongsan-dong mix-use by local architects, A Round Architects. The project’s flexible nature and boundary serves as a response to its site conditions, including its streets’ unique character. This was first identified through the realisation that there was a blurred distinction between the house and street. In response to this, the architects incorporated a long boundary that features sliding doors rather than integrating a solid fence or wall.


The second floor of the Seongsan-dong mix-use is comprised of three levels: the  bathroom and kitchen at the lowest point, while the two stairs higher is the space that houses living and dining rooms. The kitchen with the sitting and living room is located at eye level. According to the architects, the idea of having different levels of spaces, ‘was proposed for the children who will grow up in the house.’

Seongsan-dong mix-use is a unique residential project that finds a balance between modernity and assimilation of its surroundings


A few steps higher will lead to the third level which consists of a study, bathroom and kid’s room. Each of the rooms is centred around a courtyard space that is open to the sky, serving as the house’s main entry of natural lighting and ventilation. Furthermore to this, is the terrace space which is located in front of a bathroom, offering an exterior space for lighting and laundries.

Seongsan-dong mix-use stands out within the old neighbourhood with its white paint and intriguing yet minimalist design. The modern interiors coupled with the continuity of multiple levels creates a unique living environment for its inhabitants.