A summer cabin by Septembre

Ermitage is the first of many projects of studio Septembre. This is a multi cultural architecture studio based in Paris. This project was commissioned in 2010 by a couple looking for a space that offers enough comfort to be habited and enjoyed but not enough to be distracted and forget the beautiful environment. Indeed the cabin is built on a small Swedish island called Trossö, between pines and fifty meters from the North Sea. It is oriented to seize the views and two large windows frame both landscapes. It was also thought to be Built in between trees so that none had to be cut and raised off the ground to have a minimal impact on the environment. Due to its location, all materials were brought by boat.

Septembre achieves a spaces with less, but appealing, to spend more time with nature.

Outer walls are made out of Swedish spruce painted in black. Inspired in vernacular architecture, with it’s pitched roof and built all in wood, the cabin resembles a local fishing hut but offers a different program. A small wooden deck serves as a vestibule for the bedroom that also makes up as a living room. In the room there is just a platform that serves as bed and sitting. For storage drawer pull out for under the platform. Here walls are cladded with plywood. Light colours from the plywood, the pitched roof and the lack of furniture enlarge the inner space. Which can double in surface when the sliding door, that divides the deck from the room, is left open. Being inside seems like being outside and vice versa.On the side of the cabin another door opens into a sauna. While the view onto the North Sea is for the bedroom, the sauna as a beautiful view onto the forest.