Seven houses in the outbuildings of the castle of Boterberg

siete-viviendas-seven-houses-more-with-less-08 B-bis architecten is responsible for this project in the Boterberg domain in Kalmthout. It is about the rehabilitation of seven houses in the dependencies of the castle with the same name.siete-viviendas-seven-houses-more-with-less-10These dependencies, which include the caretaker’s house and the barn, are now a dwelling. The old stables for cows, pigs and horses have been converted into single-family houses.
siete-viviendas-seven-houses-more-with-less-09All these buildings belong to the protected cultural heritage of the government and are located in a nature reserve. This means that the volumes and the exterior walls are maintained after the intervention of the architects.
siete-viviendas-seven-houses-more-with-less-05The basic framework of the units was contemplated as a common project to the seven houses. With this it was possible to generate a compositional unit in the set.
siete-viviendas-seven-houses-more-with-less-11Although the seven houses have a custom design, they share the same architectural principles.

This is, for example, in all the houses, the amplitude of the existing volumes was improved to the maximum in the same way, always looking for a connection with the exterior capturing all the light and introducing the exterior in the interior.

The relationship of the seven houses with the external green environment and the balance between internal and external areas, was the focus of fundamental attention at all times.siete-viviendas-seven-houses-more-with-less-05

There are also some original existing elements with great value, which are visible in almost all the rooms of the houses.



In one of the houses there is a white wooden staircase-furniture element, which enters into dialogue with the pre-existing to generate a space in which present and past live together.


Constructively, the simplicity of materials means that the project for the seven houses presents an elegance combined with the use of natural components.
siete-viviendas-seven-houses-more-with-less-04The white floods all the rooms of the houses, alternated with an excellent maintenance of ceilings, carpentry and remarkable elements of wood.


Photography: Ilse Liekens