Shed of reflections by Kosmos

by | 23 November 2017 | architecture

In the Gorky park, in Moscow, stands the Garage Museum of Contemporary Arts, formerly knowns as Garage Center for Contemporary Culture. In 2012, as part of a big project, the museum asked Kosmos, the young Russian architecture studio, for another pavilion. This one came as a late request. The site strategy was already designed and the pavilion wasn’t a part of it. So they needed to come up with a project that could have a flexible place within the site. Taking it as a design challenge, Kosmos opted for a project that would look the same anywhere in the site, the shed of reflections.

The function of the pavilion had to be an information kiosk for the visitors. In their proposal they opted to blend the kiosk through a reflective facade, unusual for an information pavilion which normally stands out wherever it is. This one hides, but still catches the attention, by reflecting its surroundings. To take it further, they also decided not to use regular mirrors but thin reflective sheets. When mounted this sheets warp a bit and create a distorted reflection of the environment.

Shed of reflections, an information kiosk that leaves you confused and reflecting.

Finally to confuse even more the visitors, they swapped the common rectangular box shape for a parallelogram. So that the pavilion is and looks skewed. In reality, as in the drawings it is hard to tell whether it is an optical illusion or if it is the actual shape of the kiosk. This visual effect and confusion is, of course, enhanced by the distorted reflections from the facade.

Inside everything is painted black, from the walls to the desk, which is, of course, also a parallelogram.

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