Shinminka Villa a cottage surrounded by nature that recreates a lifestyle.

villa-shinminka-shinminka-villa-more-with-less-design-magazine-7Shinminka Villa is located between Nakijin Castle ruins and the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, in Japan. Surrounded by nature and sea, it has been influenced by local cultures, creating a unique lifestyle. The Issho Architects architecture studio transforms this project into an ideal holiday complex.


The design of Shinminka Villa uses the traditional constructive system adapted to the modern design needs of its users.

The site, originally known as Ryukyu, has 710m2 of total area, and is surrounded by trees and green nature. The small Shinminka Villa occupies only 57m2 of a ground floor and houses two rooms with a bathroom, as well as living room and kitchen connected to each other. No more space is needed, as it breathes on its four sides all the surrounding nature.
villa-shinminka-shinminka-villa-more-with-less-design-magazine-5Shinminka Villa has a 360º window, which allows an integral and panoramic view of the landscapet, making its users feel that they are living with nature. This window is possible thanks to the straps, placed perpendicular to the structure of the outer wall. The double ceilings and their height, temper the atmosphere, generating a temperature of comfort without needing other kind of technologies.
villa-shinminka-shinminka-villa-more-with-less-design-magazine-1Shinminka Villa, in addition to being made with a simple structure and a single material, which brings simplicity and warmth to the place. It seeks not to be aggressive with the environment, to play with the ancestral tools of the local traditional cultures, and to favor the architecture for the user.
villa-shinminka-shinminka-villa-more-with-less-design-magazine-1A project that as the authors tells, seeks to preserve tradition and custom. It understands that culture evolves, that it is not static and that the local ways of making can adapt, to a current architecture and a user accustomed to other type of needs. Shinminka Villa works with the people who have inhabited these lands, to promote their history, their work and their culture, generating a living coexistence, between societies and architecture.villa-shinminka-shinminka-villa-more-with-less-design-magazine-2