Sierra House by Steyn Studio


The London based firm Steyn Studio has recently completed the ‘Sierra House,’ a residential property in Madrid, Spain. As the name alludes, the dwelling takes its name from its distinct roof with ‘sierra’ which refers to its double meaning of ‘saw’ and ‘mountain range’ in Spanish.


The shape of the dwelling’s roof is the result of its internal spatial requirements; as a result of its height restrictions, the roof slopes could not peak in the middle. As it coincides with a bathroom below, it was decided that the peak would be inverted to hide the equipment and solar panels.


Sierra House takes form with its distinctive roof profile


The local planning rules were very prescriptive when it came to designing and building the Sierra House. In an effort to increase the perceived internal scale of the house, the architects maximized ceiling heights throughout the home, while zones were defined with level changes and screens. As a result, the upper bedroom volumes were conceived as a house within a house, which in turn created the house’s distinct roof shape and its formal definitions.