A metal house-box, silver house

MP-CASA-HOUSE-MORE-WITH-LESS-09Silver House, the work of the Arquitecturia studio, is located in a residential neighborhood of detached houses in Girona.

The house is situated at the bottom of the plot, with south-facing main garden.

The staircase that plays a main role in arranging the program of the house, dividing itclearly from the entrance into two sides.

On the ground floor it divides the living zone fromthe kitchen and the dining room. Here, the north patio and the south porch are two elements that intermediate between the outside nature and daily life of the house. MP-CASA-HOUSE-MORE-WITH-LESS-11MP-CASA-HOUSE-MORE-WITH-LESS-05

On the first floor separates main bedroom from the children’s rooms. Two patios and the stairs provides ventilation and natural lighting into the house.MP-CASA-HOUSE-MORE-WITH-LESS-08

Silver House is shown to the outside with a materiality of aluminum, cold, bright and vibrant. Inside the wood provides warmth and comfort for life.MP-CASA-HOUSE-MORE-WITH-LESS-02

From a distance, the house seems to be silent and mute. But when you come closer, the slats let you glimpse the inside. They allow to regulate the levels of privacy and sunlight in the bedrooms.

MP-CASA-HOUSE-MORE-WITH-LESS-04Occasionally, the wood of the patios and porches comes outside and appears on the facade, in contrast with the aluminum.

Silver house uses systems that allow the optimal operation of the set, for this natural cross ventilation is achieved since the courtyards generate a comfortable environment in favor of air movement.

También se utilizan cerramientos con buen comportamiento térmico y se trata de sistemas que no dependen uno del otro para su construcción ya que los paneles de vidrio de baja emisividad se montan indistintamente en las aberturas de madera maciza, mejorando la flexibilidad de trabajo en obra. MP-CASA-HOUSE-MORE-WITH-LESS-07

Apart from the house other systems are used to become a fully efficient element such as xerophitic gardening, low maintenance lighting and water taps, water recycling for irrigation, solar panels, an automatic heating system, the use of insulation of natural cellulose.

Photography: Pedro Pegenaute