Simplified, natural and unisex beauty: this is Alex Carro

There are lots of myths about beauty and skin care, such as the separation by sex or the idea that we need to use many products to get a good result. Alex Carro has been researching essential oils and extracts of herbs and plants for more than a decade to create an effective line of care, unisex and from natural origins.

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Alex Nodes, the founder of the brand, wanted to get the surname of her Galician grandmother to embark on this adventure that involves the reinvention of facial care routines. Essential pure oils distilled from flowers, fruits and barks are combined with oils and extracts of plants and vegetables to create natural and unique combinations. The motivation of the brand is to create a facial routine that is easy to adapt to any type of skin and circumstances, easy to carry and without the need to accumulate many products.

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The creations of the brand are indicated for any type of skin and can be mixed between them: the possibility of mixing products thanks to their natural compounds that interact with each other offers a different experience to each user who uses these creations. Simplified, natural and unisex beauty: this is Alex Carro. The packaging also continues with the philosophy of the brand: betting on a straight and clean design that allows the product to be the protagonist. A black background with white letters and a minimalist numeration that tells us in which of the five steps of care we are. The harmony between the interior and the exterior of the product is essential in the philosophy of the brand.

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The complete collection of Alex Carro is composed of balancing facial oil, facial cleanser, exfoliating powder, face cream and a multi-purpose balm. They can be purchased separately on their website or by packs in which these steps are combined to create flexible routines that adapt to the user’s needs. You can also find your products in several top beauty stores in Spain and Europe.