Slice of the City by Alphaville Architects

slice-of-the-city-more-with-less-arquitectura-japonesa-minimalista (1)Settled within a typical residential block of Nishinomiya, Japan is the site for the family house, Slice of the City by Alphaville Architects. Alike residential buildings of the area, Slice of the City leaves a fifty centimeter setback along its site boundary, allowing a one metre gap between its neighboring houses. Furthermore, the windows of the residents’ houses often face the public roads and are equipped with curtains for privacy and thus, residents aren’t used to having much entry of natural lighting, ventilation or views.

slice-of-the-city-more-with-less-arquitectura-japonesa-minimalista (2)

slice-of-the-city-more-with-less-arquitectura-japonesa-minimalista (3)In Slice of the City, Alphaville Architects strived to find an efficient solution which would allow sufficient natural lighting into the house, without sacrificing its occupants’ privacy. The solution to this was found by inserting a linear void which divides Slice of the City house into two parts.

slice-of-the-city-more-with-less-arquitectura-japonesa-minimalista (4)slice-of-the-city-more-with-less-arquitectura-japonesa-minimalista (5)Slice of the City dynamically engages and contextualizes within its surrounding by providing natural lighting, ventilation and privacy through the insertion of a vertical void

slice-of-the-city-more-with-less-arquitectura-japonesa-minimalista (6)The result of this void along a western-eastern direction brings in natural lighting into the both segments of house and also provides efficient ventilation by connecting the rooms to a common open space. Furthermore, the rooms are interconnected by staircases, which also serves as a bridge between the two segments of the house, mobilizing the void vertically. In addition to this, the staircases are tilted towards the windows to provide occupants with various changing views from different angles.

slice-of-the-city-more-with-less-arquitectura-japonesa-minimalista (7)slice-of-the-city-more-with-less-arquitectura-japonesa-minimalista (9)slice-of-the-city-more-with-less-arquitectura-japonesa-minimalista (8)