G. F Smith looking for the colour of the era

G. F Smith, the paper merchant founded in 1886 by George Frederich Smith, launched this past January the project  “World’s Favourite Colour”that consists of selecting the favourite shade in order to discover the colour that people prefer the most.

On 1936 G. F Smith released Colorplan, their flagship colour paper range. The brighter moment for the collection of Colorplan was in 1970 when BBC first started to broadcast in colour, in that moment everything changed. Fashion, advertising, magazines… and so did Colorplan when inspired by this historical event and took a step forward and began to assemble a paper range of a scope and scale never done it before.

In the end of this month the project will have ended, by now, thousands of people have already voted. In order to choose the world’s favourite colour, Colorplan will pick the shade closest to the overall favourite and that person will have the privilege of giving the name to the most popular colour in the world.

“The 51st Colorplan shade will be available for designers, brands and individuals via G. F Smith website immediately after the July 2017 announcement”

During these three months, G. F Smith has released a series of videos showcasing different figures from the artistic world talking about how colours influence and impact their life. Some of the characters are the artists Richard Woods and Camille Walala, the architects Sam Bompas and Harry Parr or Johnny Cocoa the creative director for Mulberry, among others.

On July 2017 the colour will be disclosed on the “Paper City” exhibition in Hull, UK, the hometown of the company where the winner will be invited to meet all the artist and also to watch how the new colour paper is produced.

Apart from its commercial use, this project is been one of the most important surveys examining data in terms of colour, it is intended to analyze different parameters based on demographics and also study cultures, gender, geography and age depending on colour.


If you haven’t already voted, hurry up you still have this month to do so and become the 51st Colorplan shade.

By the way, take a look at G. F Smith, Colorplan or the World’s Favourite Colour websites, the three of them are amazingly designed.