Smukke brings new boundaries in the hairdressing trade

Smukke is the name for a hairdresser located in the city of Reutlingen, south-west Germany. The studio Vater Lin Miro based in Berlin founded by Lucas Doerre and Marius Sperlich, has been the studio in charged to design the brand identity for Smukke.

Doerre and Sperlich’s studio is specialized in art and creative direction, creating a personal and unique imaginary that is reflected in their work.

The studio has been in involved in the entire artistic process, from naming to the full corporate identity.

The design has given Smukke a controversial yet particularly bold approach and unique appearance in contrast to the traditional identities of hairdressing studios.

The identity is a blend of different ideas and styles. It materializes in a modern logotype, a contemporary use of system grids and a mix of futuristic and surreal photography.

Modern logotype, contemporary use of system grids and a mix of futuristic and surreal photography

A number of details in the high-quality print finishing echoes with the traditional craft of the hairdressing trade. All the elements on the stationary are treated as an individual, thanks to the wide variety of components in the fundamental design.

The centerpiece of the branding is built around a grid system that consists of six squares that create an adaptable and measurable pattern for every format and surface, digital as well as analog.

The 4D cinema illustrations and animations bring a surreal and dynamic aspect to the identity and contrast with the strict and formal layouts of the grid system and the colour palette restricted to black, white and orange.

Amorphous shapes and organic textures in the illustrations created digitally resonates surprisingly well despite the eclecticism of styles.

In conclusion, the corporate identity for Smukke is saturated by a controversial design. Where the logotype is the most obvious element to refer to the traditional symbols of the hairdressing trade. The visual design appears as the center while the product comes as the background. The lack of identifications factors of the business is replaced by the importance of the appealing fashionable taste of the customer.